Every tool of communication is first of all a masterpiece of genius, a sketch, an idea.

It comes out of a long experience, but most of all it is inferred from the personality of the customer. It is to translate in graphics and images what you cannot simply express with written words. Feelings then, those more close to the customer company being promoted.

But you can’t just sketch it. If you want it to work, a tool of communication needs to be planned in its smallest details, tested with different applications, and it must be suitable for the paper as well as for plastic, for the printing on a newspaper page as well as on wide size supports.We build executables of the highest precision, so that the final result is exactly the one expected, and no surprises

We print almost everything and we are extremely competitive. The reason is simple: we prefer many customers and a large production, than a few customers for wide incomes.

What’s more we have a thick network of  tested and trustable suppliers.

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