We can offer to our business customers information technology services of the highest value,

such as:

Developing and monitoring of Intranet networks, E-commerce for Windows and Linux.

Housing and hosting services.

Installing, configuring and monitoring of LAN networks.

Feasability study, planning, installing and configuring of WIRELESS networks.

Information technology consulting, Internet and managing/business.

Multimedial presentations.

Business Intranet implementation.

We can supply you, on request, with hardware and software, and consulting on the drawing up of specifications in allocation/contracting, thanks to the partnership with Acer and Microsoft.

Business Intranet is a private and safe space where only authorized  members (through login and password) can access to share and publish documents and data.

This way the company has at its disposal a channel of communication in real time, that removes all obstacles to effective communication and cooperation,  and works as a functional company network in which informations and documents are shared, improving the managing of the work.

These Intranets are safely accessible via Internet, from any kind of connection, at any time and from every kind of working station, within the company or out of it. Thus the authorized user has access to all the available informations shared in the Intranet.  

We offer a range of services connected to the information technology structure, and precisely:

Consulting on hardware and software supply;


Analysis and feasibility study for the implementation of local or geographic networks.

Consulting on information technology safety

Aid and monitoring service for local (LAN), geographical or wireless networks.

We projected, worked out and directed some of the most wide Wireless Wan projects:

Wireless WISP networks (Wireless Internet Service Provider), which offer services and Internet connection through radio connection. This technology allows to bring fast Internet (xDSL) even in digital divide areas, isolated villages, rural sites and mountain spots.

The computer world has always been looking for external connections that do not require wires; up to now we have seen many supports of this kind, most of all based on infrared transmission. But this technology has not gained much success, or we should say, its technical characteristics haven’t allowed its wide spreading. Today, at last, time seems to have come for wireless connection with outstanding features, expecially in terms of transfer rate.

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