RDF Studio starts in 2003 to satisfy the demands of customers concerning Graphics and  Advertisment. From logos to corporate images, brochures and catalogues, we follow directly the printing process and the production of all the paper material which is part of the advertising communication of the customer company.

RDF Studio grows through Internet, covering as usual, with its qualified professionals, both the planning phase and the technical supplying, from the developing and updating of Websites and E-commerce, projects to Housing and Hosting services, and the configuration, installing, and monitoring of LAN networks.

The experience acquired allowed us to grow in years thanks to free lance collaborations of the highest level, both in the human resources field and in that of supplies, carefully selected  for the quality of the finished product, in spite of costs.

Always growing along with technology, we get the best through constantly updated systems.

We believe that being up to date is not simply a necessity, but a duty and a responsibility due to those that, in these years, believed in our possibilities and in the transparency of our service.

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